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Have a question? Here're the answers to a few of the most common ones. If your question isn't answered here, you can send it to and we'll do our best to help!

Is this stuff legit?

Yes, all of our products are legit. We do not sell any reproduction or bootleg items in our store. Consoles may be paired with working, third-party controllers or cords, and some items may be refurbished with third-party parts, but every one of our carts and games are checked to make sure they are official and non-reproduction.

Does this stuff work?

Yes, it does. We know it can be scary to purchase retro games and just have to hope that they work when you get them. At Dial Up Games we try to ease that fear as much as we can. Everything on our site has been thoroughly cleaned and tested and is in working condition when we ship it out to you.

What if I want an item in a specific condition?

Due to the amount of stock we turn over, it's not possible to have a picture of every copy of every item we have. The photos displayed with the items are taken of clean, working carts/consoles/etc. and we do our best to match the condition displayed therein, unless specifically stated otherwise. However, some variation may occur. If it's important that the item be in a specific condition please send us a message at and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

You say you have the best collection around, so why don't you have [insert random item]??

Ok guys, please remember the large majority of products on our site are no longer manufactured and many of them are considered collector's items. We do our best to keep as large a selection as possible but some items may not show up as often due to the infrequency in finding them. 

I just received my item and it doesn't work, what the heck?? 

We clean and test everything to make sure it's in working condition before we put it in our store. But please realize that many of the retro items we sell are 30+ years old. Sometimes old technology can be fickle and stop working. We do our best, to make sure our customers receive only working items but sometimes things go wrong. If you receive a defective or non-working item please contact us at within seven days of receiving it and we'll exchange it for another one. 

Please see our full Return Policy for more information.

What if I just want to return an item?

We do not accept returns on prints or posters and all other items may be returned for defect only within seven (7)  days of receiving the item. Defective items may be returned for exchange only and, in the incidence that there is none of that item in stock to exchange it with, store credit will be issued. Please allow at least fourteen (14) days for returns to be processed. Buyer pays return shipping.

Please see our full Return Policy for more information.

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